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About The Bridge

The Bridge provides supportive living environments for men and women who desire a drug and alcohol free life.

Located in both Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, The Bridge is a community that assists residents in solidifying a clean and sober lifestyle. Most importantly, those who come to The Bridge must be willing to build a foundation in recovery and put into practice behaviors that are consistent with a recovery based life.

The Bridge is not a treatment center, but a structured recovery living environment that residents come to from a variety of circumstances. While many come to us after completing primary or extended treatment programs, others may have been living independently, and have been through treatment previously. Whatever the case, due to their current circumstances, coming to The Bridge may be an appropriate next step for individuals to establish or reestablish their commitment to recovery.

Many treatment centers and therapists refer their clients to The Bridge because they believe our therapeutic approach and philosophy supports the work they have done with their clients. Our environment provides a continuum in the recovery process. We embrace a common sense, down to earth approach to recovery and employ a supportive balance between accountability and autonomy.

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