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  • Michael O. – BSW, MSW, LCSW, CRRA
    Michael O. – BSW, MSW, LCSW, CRRAExecutive Director

    Licensed Psychotherapist

    Michael, a Licensed Psychotherapist, earned his Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. He specializes in the field of addiction and in co-occurring mental health issues.

    He has over 39 years of experience with the recovery community. For over 22 years, he has been the Executive Director of The Bridge. Michael coordinates closely with the team to provide the guidance residents need. Together they work with the residents on developing goals, building self-esteem, discovering healthy boundaries, and empowerment for positive change.

    His methodology is solution-focused and 12-Step based, with the individuals’ needs always in mind. He is also available to family members to support them in developing healthy relationships with their loved ones and discovering patterns related to their family of origin. His experience as a specialist in the field of addiction and as an interventionist is highly regarded among the top treatment centers in the United States.

    Michael knows from experience that those who come to The Bridge and embrace the guidelines and structure will be successful both here at The Bridge and in the future. He has watched countless individuals recover at The Bridge and go on to lead happy, joyous, and successful lives.

    • Reagan B. – CRRA
      Reagan B. – CRRAGeneral Manager

      Reagan is a recovering alcoholic originally from Pennsylvania. She came to Florida to attend a reputable treatment center. After successfully completing treatment, she transitioned to The Bridge, where she learned to be a friend, a sponsor, and a woman of integrity.

      Upon fulfilling her commitment at The Bridge, Reagan decided to make South Florida her home and has resided here over the last four years. She previously worked as an office manager.

      Reagan is an active alumnus of her treatment center and enjoys doing service work there.
      She returned to work at The Bridge in order to give back to the place that helped make her the woman she is today.

      While she is pursuing a degree in psychology, Reagan is focused on helping others in early sobriety and exemplifying how listening to others, hard work, and active participation in fellowship can help you to achieve a life worth living

      • Michael P.
        Michael P.Resident Manager

        Michael Perevozchikov is a proud member of the recovery community with multiple years of sobriety. Since his time of treatment in Israel, he dedicates his time o inspire and provide support to those who have struggled with addiction.

        Originally from Ohio, Michael grew up with a passion for sports, entertainment, education, and art. He completed school through a private education system and went on to attend The Ohio State University. He spent his time in treatment overseas to understand the spiritual malady of alcoholics and drug addicts.

        Michael believes that anybody with the willingness to get sober can accomplish this by maintaining faith and hope through a well balanced and structured life that begins here at
        The Bridge.

        • Kristian J.
          Kristian J.Property Manager

          Kris came to The Bridge as a resident in 2012. After becoming a shining example of someone who makes a dedication to his recovery, he successfully completed his commitment. A strong advocate of giving back, Kris has become a mentor to many newcomers. During his residence and thereafter he worked in the construction field. After a number of years, Kris worked hard to open his own home improvement business and displays the highest level of integrity that makes us proud to call him a successful alumnus. The Bridge is very fortunate to have him as the property manager, as he does an exceptional job keeping everything in top condition.

          “Prior to coming to The Bridge, I was caught up in a world surrounded with drugs and alcohol. I would stay up all night and sleep all day. I had no self-worth and no hope for the future. I had nowhere to go and my family finally had cut me off. With no options and no one to turn too, I needed a safe place to go. That’s when I found The Bridge and Michael. He was willing to help me out and give me a chance to rebuild my life. During my six-month stay at The Bridge, I learned how to live life again. They taught me the importance of waking up early to find work and encouraged me never to give up. They introduced me to the recovery community where I was able to grow and become a productive member of society. The much needed structured environment and guidance of The Bridge helped me succeed in my life and my recovery. A now proud business owner and property manager of The Bridge, I have a life I never could have imagined years ago. I feel without the strong foundation built at The Bridge I would not be where I am today.”

          • Rebecca G. – CRRA
            Rebecca G. – CRRAQuality Management

            500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher
            Rebecca has been living in long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs since 2004, when she moved from Washington DC to South Florida for treatment.

            After treatment, Rebecca transitioned into a halfway house where she stayed beyond the six-month commitment and credits that with building a firm foundation in recovery. Rebecca worked in the luxury hotel industry her entire life and has also been involved with The Bridge for the past 16 years.

            She is well aware that the first year of recovery is full of many changes. Rebecca knows firsthand that addiction is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease and believes addicts must heal equally in all aspects.

            She understands recovering addicts and alcoholics must maintain balance in their lives and encourages residents to have good, healthy, sober fun.

            Rebecca is also a Certified Yoga Instructor.

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